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If you are still not sure what it is.... ask any kid!

Guitar Hero is the biggest sensation to hit the video world in years! It's addictive! You want to play and you can't stop watching others!

Using small wireless guitars with big fret buttons, two contestants must play scrolling notes to complete a song. The graphics are fabulous. Kids love it, but adults love it too. As a stand alone competition with giant- screen TV, big sound and trophies for the winners, Guitar Hero is so much fun!

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On screen, the notes, color-coded like the guitar's fret buttons, travel toward the player. The object is to get your fingers on the correct fret buttons while strumming in time with the notes. Your progress is tracked by a "rock meter," and every now and again, you'll gain "star power" by perfectly hitting a section of notes. The tremolo bar gives each performance a true ROCKER feel. Songs last 3-6 minutes, and with two guitars involved, lots of people get to play.

Our show uses two wireless guitars and features a competition for both beginners and the more experienced players. TROPHIES for the best scores are awarded at the end of each event!

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guitar hero game guitar hero game
guitar hero game guitar hero game

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