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Sandy Sowell and her husband, Gerry Collyard have an editing company called "Beside the Point Productions", based out of Culloden, WV. They use efficient computerized video editing systems.

Photo video scrapbooks are a beautiful way to share the story of someone's life with others and are the ultimate gift for your family members and friends.

sentimental journey video scrapbook, memory book on video

Present your video album during a reception,create a tribute for a retiree or graduate, give one to mom for Mother's Day, or show the video memory book at a 50th anniversary celebration! Your video scrapbook will quickly become a family heirloom treasured by generations to come!

FOUR EASY STEPS make it easy for you to order your very own Sentimental Journey video scrapbook!

"Your video was the highlight of our reception. I've never seen a group of people so moved. They laughted, they cried, they absolutely loved it! We got so many compliments on it, and our families couldn't wait to get their copies. So again, thank you! You did an outstanding job and really helped make the day the special memory that it is."

This NEW venture from Sandy Sowell Entertainment brings the same quality and taste for which her stage shows have become famous. Sandy and her husband do the production work themselves and use efficient computerized video editing systems.

Your favorite photos to the sounds of music...
to honor...to celebrate...to remember

filmstrip of favorite family photos as a slideshow

Why Photo Videos?

Photo Videos are wonderful gifts for any life occasion. Your favorite pictures are artistically arranged with background music of your choice. These video memory books are ideal for weddings, graduations, retirements, anniversaries, funeral services - any special event that you wish to commemorate.


1. SELECT (40-150 photos) We suggest you make a "YES" pile with your favorite photos. You can glean it down later but this step is important and FUN! Try not to look at each photo for more than a moment (or it will take forever). Pick the photos that will best tell the story of that person's life.

2. SORT Gather all of your YES photos together. The easiest method is to put them in chronological order. You may have some groups of photos that will work better in their own chronological sequences; such as career, vacations, husband and wife pics together, grand kids, etc. You can even accent these by suggesting special music for each group or giving each group its own title; for instance, you could place the title "Our Little Ones" before the grandchildren group.

3. NUMBER Number your photos on the back with either a pencil or post-it note. DO NOT USE a pen as the ink may rub off onto the other photos. This is also the time to start thinking about music and titles. You'll want a greeting at the beginning, some title in the middle if you have "special groups of pictures" and a closing statement at the end of your video. For example, if you are making an birthday video, you could simply put "Happy Birthday Mom" at the beginning and "With Love, From All Of Us" at the end. Or why not use some poetry or a favorite quote?

music note image

4. CHOOSE SOME MUSIC You might have some favorite songs that you want included. The music can be on CD, album or cassette. We will digitally translate the songs for you and include the music as background for your pictures. Of course, CDs will sound the best. If you don't have specific music you want used, we will make appropriate suggestions using our own musical library. As a reference, 100 images will yield a tape approximately 10 minutes in length and will require 3-5 songs of your choice.

HINT: If at any point in the organization or your video, you get bogged down in process, give us a call -- we're glad to answer any questions and to offer suggestions.

To Order: Prices range from $300.00 - $500.00 (VHS master) depending on quantity of material. An exact quote can be obtained from us after you determine how many pictures and other items your project should contain.

* We also offer optional "immediate service" within 48 hours for rush orders/funerals.
* DVD available
* Camcorder video may be incorporated with photos

Call us today 1 [304] 562-7464 to discuss your project, get an estimate, or set up an appointment. Projects can be sent to us Fed-X if out of the Charleston/Huntington, WV area. Payment for your video scrapbook is made in advance. You may pay by check, cash, or major credit card by phone. We guarantee 100% satisfaction!

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